Our Services

Our team of engineering professionals, with a wealth of experience in the Reinforced Concrete Construction Industry, supported by our comprehensive Infrastructure enables us to provide the competitive edge to the Client’s business, meet and exceed Client requirements, in the service areas of:

Rebar Detailing
Bar Bending Schedules
Bar list in Customized Formats
As-Built Drawings
Key Expertise
Schools & Colleges
Office & Medical Buildings
Swimming Pools
Waste Water Treatment Plants
Departmental Stores
& Super Markets
Bridge Structures
Road Work Structures
Parking Garage
High Rise Apartments
Masonry Buildings
Shopping Malls
Standards & Codes Followed
ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials)
ACI (American   Concrete Institute)
CRSI(Concrete Reinforcement Steel Institute)
AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials)

Production File
Output Formats

• Pinnacle
• Romac
• Soule
• Steelpac & Canwo

Detailing Drawing


Detailing standards which help us achieve our service differential

Based on the varying complexity and size of the project, we follow different styles of detailing. For example, in certain cases, the walls are detailed on plan and section, while in others the complete elevation is drawn.

For bar sizes of #5 and lower, we detail based on stock length, in section. This helps to minimize the different cut-lengths, thus reducing the effort and time required for fabrication.

For complicated elements of the drawing, more sections are drawn, in addition to the ones in the contract drawings. This facilitates better understanding for the fixing crew and therefore, easier placement.

Where the levels are uneven (like top of footing or wall) and has any openings, we detail each interrupted bar to the exact cut length. i.e. varying bars for the varying heights / lengths.

When the same element is detailed in multiple drawings, the cross drawing reference will be placed in each drawing, for quick understanding.

All assumptions will be clearly marked and clouded in the drawing, with appropriate verification notes. This allows Architect / Engineer / General Contractor (AEC) to verify or confirm the said assumptions and when there is a revision on those, it will be clouded with the revision tag.

Bar supports will be calculated appropriately and are displayed in a separate table and in sections.

Robert D Morrison is Our Project Coordinator, who has also had experience as a Rod Buster and a Concrete Foreman. His specific role to is provide the detailing team with site-related inputs and in providing support to the placement crew, on any clarifications they may seek.
Our ability to deliver high precision in detailing on time, every time lies in following a well defined procedure to facilitate detailing.
Spend requisite time to study & understand the initial brief and drawing thoroughly
Revert back to Client on time, with a specially created RFI (Request for Information) form that helps in gathering all requisite information for the job
Once the job needs have been comprehensively studied through the RFI filled in by Client, we begin detailing
In situations where there is insufficient information, we make clear, logical assumptions that are lucidly marked out on the drawings for Client understanding.


We have evolved a Cost Optimized System, by utilizing material available on site in case of special circumstances. These circumstances arise, when due to unavoidable reasons the Structural Engineer / Architect makes changes even after the submission of bar list, and the fabricated material reaches the project site. The extent of detailing and the depth of clarity in our drawings, results in boosting the productivity of the fixing crew tremendously.

If the Client makes a specific request, we coordinate directly with the contractor. This personalized understanding and holistic approach, provides demonstratively superior time saving and time management support to our clients.

Our holistic approach is reflected by the fact that even after very precise drawings have been submitted; we believe that the final implementer of plan on site should be adequately supported to achieve complete efficiency. So, if the placer on site requires any clarification or information, we respond immediately to our clients or to the GC directly on Client request.