Case Studies


Project Name and Location:
Towson University – CLA Phase II -
Baltimore, MD.

Overview and Scope: New Building with two 6 storey wings for the Liberal Arts Centre in the existing University Campus. Our scope was Foundation, Foundation walls, Columns, Slab and Beams.

Detailing Approach: We took special care while detailing the slab as it has top & bottom mat reinforcement in each way with additional bars. We detailed each layer in separate sheets to make sure each and every bar is clear to be read by the placer in the field. Also provided were additional sections where the slab levels were uneven.

Acknowledgement: Drawings looked very nice. These were the best placement drawings we have ever seen for a project in the last five years and we highly recommended the detailing for any future projects – Restl Designers, Inc.



Project Name and Location: QF2 Quartz Plant, Replacement Facility – Spruce Pine, NC.

Overview and Scope: Five different individual replacement facility structures in the existing Quartz Factory. Scope consists of Main Plant, Rod Mill Foundation, Bulk Storage Tank Area, Stockpile Reclaim Tunnel and Truck Dump Hopper.

Detailing Approach: Standard practice is that the Pile caps will be poured along with the connecting grade beams, but in this project the GC wanted to pour the Pile cap first and then the grade beams. To do so, we detailed the dowels for each grade beam and listed against each Pile cap reinforcement to make sure the placer picked up the correct dowels while placing the reinforcement for each Pile cap.

Acknowledgement: I have reviewed the submitted drawings on QF2 and I am pleased by the detailing – Lisa Barely, CMC Rebar.


Case Study - III

Project Name and Location: “Crown Farm” Residential Units - Gaithersburg, MD.

Overview and Scope: New Residential units with two 5 Storey buildings with two separate Parking Garages for each building. Our scope was Foundation, Foundation Walls, Columns, Slab and Beams in the two Main buildings.

Detailing Approach: The two buildings are irregular and different in shape. The slabs have steps at many locations with changes in orientation. The whole slab in each building is divided into 15 pours. There were a number of conditions to be satisfied while calculating the bar lengths at both the top and bottom of the slabs. We provided separate drawings for each pour to avoid confusion during the rebar placing.

Acknowledgement: You are all doing a great job on the Crown Farm Job. Considering the lack of revised design drawings sent to us by the design engineer in a timely manner, not getting the approval drawings from the design engineer back to us before we ship, the GC constantly pushing up the delivery dates for the rebar and changing the pour sequence at the last minute, you have gone above and beyond what I would have expected. - Jason Koch, Barker Steel, Inc.



Case Study – IV

Project Name and Location: “Tyson Corner Center – Office Tower” Shopping Mall - Fairfax, VA.

Overview and Scope: New Shopping Mall building with two separate buildings. Building A has 20 levels and B has 7 levels including the Parking. Our scope is Columns and Shear walls for both the buildings.

Detailing Approach: Most of the columns vary in dimension while moving up lifts. As we move up, some columns change in size, shape and some shift from their original location and therefore slope from one floor to the next. Taking into consideration the complexity of the job, we detailed the columns with additional sections wherever there were changes in column dimensions. We incorporated different shades in our drawings for terminating bars, new dowels and extending bars for easy understanding for the rebar placer.

Acknowledgement: All in all I think the representation looks good and will work just fine – Heath West, Gerdau Ameri Steel.



The partnership we’ve built with Rebar D&D has well exceeded our expectations. Their outstanding service, professionalism, and quality of work has given us the faith to lean on them in times of great need.

Matt Ribecchi
Project Manager/Estimator
APS Supply Co.


We are very pleased with the accuracy of the drawings and your ability to meet the scheduled submission dates.

Jerry Wolfe
Detailing manager.
Tri-Boro Construction Supplies


Rebar D&D has been a pleasure to work with as they are easy to work and communicate with while have good detailing lead-times with great looking drawings that even customers and salesmen comment drawing quality on. They have also been great about adapting to our company’s standards and detailing preferences.

Adam Saulter
Carolina Region Project Coordinator
Gerdau - Charlotte Reinforcing Steel


Rebar D&D has done a great job of completing submittals in a timely manner. Especially when unexpected additions come up. The turnaround is very quick and precise. Keep up the great work!

Heath Booth
Detailer/Project Coordinator
Gerdau - Atlanta Technical
Resource Center